We Used To Call It Civics

Watch the video by Red Skelton (you probably don’t remember, probably never saw him).

He was a comedian who entertained America for a longish time.  Ever so often, he would toss in little lessons about being human.  He got you to laugh, and he got you to think.

What he does here is to present what they used to teach in Civics classes.

Was it “indoctrination”?  Hell Yes!

And what’s wrong with “indoctrinating” kids into a love of their country, which means, of their fellow humans?  The years since we stopped having Civics classes and opted for “social awareness studies” or other theoretical “indoctrinations” have been a bang up job at creating good citizens, of course.  Of course.

The Recent Unpleasantness has shown that we have partisans on all sides who neither understand nor desire either the forms or the principles of American government, who  despise and want to radically alter the society in which we all must live. As noted, this is not peculiar to “Right” or “Left”.

(I was bred in that antediluvian time when Conservatives and Liberals were decent human beings who respected each other and got along, mainly agreeing on the basics while fretting over the details.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mister Red Skelton.

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One Response to We Used To Call It Civics

  1. I am a Social Studies teacher that is currently struggling with my role and responsibilities in terms of teaching civics. Please check out my posts (I am new to wordpress). I look forward to your comments and to our discussion.


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