The Insignificance of Your Technological Terror.


I don’t know where I found this image, but if anyone knows its origin, please tell me.

It is a representation of the latest speculation regarding the size of the Universe.  Over 14 billion light-years in any direction from HERE.  And (over) 14 billion years old.  Sort of puts human concerns in (one type of) perspective.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor, declares God to be Being, Ground of Being, Being-Itself.  Not that God IS the Universe, but that God is the foundation, the grundrisse, the support for the existence of the Universe.  Without God, no Universe.

How can we comprehend such a thing?  That God is not merely one (really big) object among others, but the basis of everything else.  Not a “thing”, but “thingness”, without which nothing can exist.

Those who dismiss such thinking as nonsensical only reveal their own basic ignorance.

But, if God is indeed the foundation of Being, then it is easy to comprehend how God can encompass more than the known Universe and also be as intimate with each of us as the very sub-atomic particles of our body.

One way or another, whether by religious or pseudo-scientific reasoning, human beings like to pretend we are the highest mortal beings in the Universe.   Take another look at the image.  And think about it.

Humble pie, fellow sapiens.  Humble pie.

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